Waterproofing / Fireproofing

Extend Your Roof With Waterproofing and Fireproofing

When you live somewhere like sunny California, there is always the threat of a wildfire striking around your home. There is also the potential for storms to tear through the area and cause all sorts of problems to your roof. That’s why it is so important to invest in waterproofing and fireproofing services for your roof. At AP Roofing, we take the time to go through the specifics involved to ensure you have a solid understanding of what to expect during the process and what the services can do for you.


Waterproofing services are designed to help keep the elements outside and your belongings safe inside. This protective barrier can help safeguard your roof even during some of the stronger storms in the area. Even though the weather outside might be less than desirable, you can trust in your roof to keep you safe inside. By waterproofing your roof, you can protect your home from potential water damage leading to mold and structural problems.


While you don’t want to think about a fire hitting your home, it could happen. Fireproofing your roof can help to minimize the amount of damage caused in the event of a fire. Instead of losing everything inside, you might only lose a fraction of your belongings, if that. Make sure to go over the different levels of fireproofing with one of our roofing pros to ensure you have a sound understanding of what to expect.

By adding on a few extra elements, you can keep your home looking and working better for longer. Our team of specialists is happy to take the time to go through some of the different options out there for you to ensure you get everything you need and more in your new roof. 


Shingle Roofing

The majority of homes today have shingle roofing installed on them. These roofs are the standard option for many homeowners due to their affordable cost and extended lifespan. Not only are they designed to last for 30+ years, but they are priced right and allow you to save on the cost of a new roof for your home.


Asphalt Shingle

When installing an asphalt shingle roof on your home, you can choose from an assortment of different colors to accentuate the overall look of your home. Long gone are the days of only having a black or gray shingle for your home. You can choose from a blue, red, brown, green, or any number of other different colors to provide you with a look that is truly unique.


Flat Roofing

Many businesses and homes today have a flat roof installed on them. If that is the case for your home, you can help protect your investment with fireproofing and waterproofing services from our team of roofing pros. Not only will these options protect your home or business from additional damage, but they will also ensure you don’t end up having to worry about the elements outside coming in.


Torch Down

Torch down roofing allows you to protect everything inside of your home with ease. This innovative new type of roof is designed to help seal out the elements and protect your home from the elements and pests. Because of the complexities involved in installing this type of roof, it is crucial that you turn to someone with the experience and expertise to get the job done right.


Slate Roof

In the event you want a type of roof that is unique and offers a look that is unlike other homes in the area, consider investing in a slate roof. When installed, this roof offers an appearance that is almost like the scales of a fish. Not only does it look cool, but it comes in an array of different colors so you can customize the appearance of your home with ease.

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